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Why Did God Choose Abraham?

Why Abraham?

The Heart of a Father


Brotherly Love

In our previous blog post "History of Kingship on the Earth", we discussed the history of kingship from Adam to Lord Jesus. Kingship of the Earth was first given to Adam when he was created. After Adam sinned, this Kingship was passed onto Abraham, David (from the tribe of Judah), Nebuchadnezzar, and finally Jesus and His Disciples.

Why Abraham?

Actually after Adam had been driven out from the Garden of Eden, many tribes and peoples have already been born. But why did the Lord choose Abraham and not any other person to adopt this Kingship? To answer this question, let us first take a look at the time when Abraham was anointed.

In another blog post "What Blessing Did Melchizedek Give to Abraham?", we mentioned that Kingship was given to Abraham through Melchizedek after Abraham rescued his nephew Lot from the city of Sodom.

So who is Lot? And why was this event so important?

Lot is Abraham's nephew, the son of Abraham's elder brother Haran

Throughout Bible history, we always see brothers fighting and killing each other. Adam's elder son Cain killed his younger brother Abel. Issac's elder son Esau planned to kill his twin brother Jacob. Jacob's ten sons sold their brother Joseph to Egypt. Everyone fought against his own brother, but Abraham was the only one who took care of his brother's son, and finally saved his life.

Abraham Cares for Lot More Than His Own Life

Like any person mentioned above, Abraham could have just let Lot die and then inherit his brother's possessions. But Abraham did not do so.

Instead, in order to save Lot, Abraham fought against four kings whom the five kings from Sodom were not able to defeat (Genesis 14:8-16). Abraham was risking his own life to save Lot.

The Heart of a Father

Most people know God as the Almighty One and the Lord of Hosts, but God is also a FATHER! When a man has possessed all the wealth and power he desires, what would be most important to him? Would that be his sons??

How does a father feel? Will he be happier to see his elder son kill his younger one? Or see his younger son kill the elder? NEITHER! A father wants both his sons to SURVIVE, and inherit what he has earned through his hard work! The same principle can be seen in choosing the next king Judah.


Judah was chosen by his father Jacob

Out of Jacob's twelve sons, his fourth son Judah was chosen by his father to be the head of his brothers and to receive his inheritance.

Judah, you are he whom your brothers shall praise ... Your father’s children shall bow down before you ... The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh (Messiah) comes ... Genesis 49:8-10

But, Judah was not a righteous man

However, Judah was not a righteous man. He sold his brother Joseph for money, and he was unfair to his daughter-in-law by not giving his youngest son to marry her after his first two sons died (Genesis 38:6-11). He also sleeps with prostitutes, and more ..... Nevertheless, he did one important thing which pleased his father.

Judah vowed to protect his youngest brother Benjamin

When there was famine in Jacob's homeland, he sent his sons to buy food from Egypt. However, having lost his son Joseph, Jacob would not let them take his youngest son Benjamin along with them. Knowing that they could not buy any food without taking Benjamin, Judah vowed to take personal responsibility for Benjamin's life.

I myself (Judah) will be surety for him (Benjamin); from my hand you (Jacob) shall require him. If I do not bring him back to you and set him before you, then let me bear the blame forever. Genesis 43:9

Judah was the best choice

The world was filled with violence at that time, even within families. To a responsible father, the foremost concern was not wealth or fame, but to ensure the safety of all his children.

Therefore, out of all his sons, Judah became Jacob's best choice as he was the only one who had demonstrated a commitment to defend the safety of his brother.

Brotherly Love

From the above history, we can see that one of the most important criteria of the Lord in choosing a king is whether or not he has a sacrificial love for his brothers. Both Abraham and Judah demonstrated a willingness to risk their lives for their brothers, and they were both chosen to be kings.

One may ask, out of all the members in Jacob's family, was there no one else who has love for his brothers? The answer to this question is probably "yes, no one". In fact, the Bible shows us that "brotherly love" is actually an advanced spiritual development which is not easy to achieve.

In our later post "Importance of Brotherly Love", we will search what the Bible says about "brotherly love", and what one must do to develop it.

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