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Was Adam Deceived by Eve to Eat the Forbidden Fruit?

Genesis 1:6. ..... she (Eve) took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband (Adam) with her; and he did eat.

Did Adam eat the forbidden fruit because he was deceived by Eve? Remember, the fruit was in the Garden of Eden all the time before Eve came in, but Adam was not tempted! In fact, it was Adam who instructed Eve not to eat. How then, could Adam be deceived by a younger and more innocent Eve?

I believe a more reasonable speculation was - Adam ate the fruit because he did not want to be separated from Eve. Adam knew something bad may happen, but he did not want to leave Eve to face it alone, so he committed the same transgression so they could go through any consequence together. In the end, Adam was cast out from his kingdom to suffer with Eve in the Fallen World. He did not blame her, leave her, or forsake her, because he loves her.

Does this incident remind us of someone? Yes, Christ left His Kingdom in Heaven and suffered in the Fallen World to save His Bride. He did not blame us, leave us, or forsake us, because He loves us. The Bible often uses the analogy of a man's love for a woman to help people understand the love of Christ for the Church. Christ gave up all He has to save us. This love was breathed into Adam when God created him. God is Love! and this is the Love that He gave to us.

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