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Three Victories over Unclean Spirits

Being very sensitive to the spiritual realm since childhood, I believe I have seen more things in the spiritual world than most people. I would like to share with my readers here three victories I had with unclean spirits, and hope these experience could give you some insights into the spiritual battles we are facing.

Jesus Has Risen From the Dead!

The first incident happened shortly after I was baptised. In my dream, I saw an entity, and somehow I knew it was an unclean spirit. I remembered it was around Easter at that time, so I shouted to the entity, "Jesus has risen from the dead! He has already defeated you! Get out!" Immediately the entity left.

Actually I was a "baby Christian" at that time, and I did not even understand why the resurrection of Jesus is a victory. I believe it was the Holy Spirit who gave me the words, and showed me the authority of a believer.

Please Don't Tell Her!

The second incident happened during a short trip I had with a friend. She brought her colleague, so the three of us stayed in the same hotel room that night. In my dream, I saw an entity following my friend's colleague. It noticed that I could see it, and it started to beg me not to reveal this to her.

When I woke up in the next morning, I told my friend about this, and she said she was not surprised because her colleague has strange behaviors. Anyway, I did not know what my friend and her colleague did after this, but I have learnt from this experience that believers are given more discernment than other people, and some demons are afraid of us!

I Am Leaving!

This third experience is more recent after a family member has moved out. Before she moved out, it was revealed to me in a dream that this family member had been opening doors to unclean spirits in the house. After she moved out, I cleaned up all her belongings, and turned my home back into a place of worship.

After a few months, I saw in a dream someone carrying big and small bags, and was stepping quickly towards the door, shouting in an angry voice, "I AM LEAVING !!!" At first I thought it was my sister and was wondering why she was in the house because she is not living with us! After I woke up, I realised it was probably an unclean spirit just packed up and left my house!

Keep Unclean Spirits Out

So, I believe if anyone wants to stay away from unclean spirits, the most effective way is to turn your home into a place of worship! Demons hate that!

In this way, you will not have to cast evil spirits out anymore. They will stay away from you!

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