The Perfect Storm

What is "the Perfect Storm"?

"The Perfect Storm" is a name given to a revelation received by John Paul Jackson, the founder of Streams Ministries International, about a difficult time coming to the United States and the world. Unlike the movie, he prophesied that "the Perfect Storm" will be composed of different elements intertwined with one another, and occurring rapidly and repeatedly in waves, one after another over a rather long period of time.

Importance of this Revelation

John Paul Jackson released this revelation in 2008, and in this year 2022, many of his prophecies have already come to pass. He explained that this Storm is coming because the Christian foundation of the United States has been shaken, giving way to evil forces which are now corrupting our Governments and different areas of our lives. The Church must therefore restore its Christian beliefs and righteous living to become a light to the world again.

5 Elements to the Coming Perfect Storm

1. Geophysical Issues

  • This includes extreme weather, droughts, earthquakes, hail storms, heavy rain and snow, tornadoes in unusual places, severe hurricanes, flooding of inland areas, etc.

  • A major volcano will erupt in the U.S.

  • A blight will hit a type of hybrid seeds, and national food shortage will result from severe weather conditions.

  • There will be an epidemic taking many lives all around the world

  • The "bubble" around the solar system will get weaker which allows harmful rays to cause a new type of skin disease;

  • Magnetic fields of the earth will shift resulting in cracks in the shields and disruption to the satellite and communication systems, etc.

2. Wars

  • A dirty bomb will explode in a port city in U.S.

  • Increasing attacks on Israel which result in Israel finally bombing Iran. Anti-semitism will escalate, and oil prices will soar;

  • Russia will intentionally create an oil crisis by trying to take control of Ukraine and creating conflict in the middle east by arming Iran with nuclear weapons. It will then use the income from increased oil prices to recreate something like the former Soviet Union.

  • A new terrorist leadership will occupy the Government in Egypt after President Mubarak has left his office. Terrorist attacks will increase.

3. Economics

  • A bubble of hope will come to the U.S. but will be short-lived.

  • Unemployment will increase, malls and buildings will lay empty,

  • Lending Institutes will experience new crisis, and Dollar will lose its value.

  • Many financial corruptions will be exposed.

  • People will even start to grow their own food in some areas.

4. Politics

  • There is a plan to assassinate the U.S. President by the Islam in order to start riots and divert attention from its own activities.

  • Increasing riots all over the world.

  • Political corruption will be exposed at very high levels.

  • Increased terrorist attacks on the U.S.

  • Social Security and other retirement schemes will be of little value.

  • As a result of economic crisis, America will cut financial aids to foreign countries,. This results in dictators rising up in different countries, and Islam will become more influential in the world arena.

5. Religion

  • Islam will force its way to schools by demanding prayer time for school children

  • Islam will also attempt to control the U.S. government and a major city (Detroit?) for a "multiplication project"(?).

  • Medical advancement and organ transplants will make it possible to homosexual men to have in-vitro fertilisation.

  • Big churches and ministries will file bankruptcy because of financial difficulties.

  • House churches will grow in numbers.

  • Hidden sexual perversions will be exposed in church leaderships, and the number will be shocking.

What Should We Do?

John Paul Jackson believes that these calamity arise because God is fashioning a device against His people to waken them to their evil deeds and how far they have gone astray from the Christianity values. We must therefore repent, especially Christians, to return to righteous living and obedience to God's commandments.

Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I frame evil against you, and devise a device against you: return ye now every one from his evil way, and make your ways and your doings good. Jeremiah 18:11