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Story of a Wise King

Once upon a time, there was a wise King. One day, he decided to create a Kingdom, and so he did single-handedly. He was happy with his creations, and he ruled his Kingdom with justice and mercy. He rewards the good, punishes the evil, and everything was in good order. However, after some time, his creations started to rebel against him. Some think they can rule better than the King, and some evil doers were angry at the King's punishments.

Being aware of this rebellion, the wise King divided his Kingdom into Upper Kingdom and Lower Kingdom, and he said to his creations the following:

I will continue to rule the Upper Kingdom, but the Lower Kingdom I will leave to you to establish your own king. You are free to stay in the Lower Kingdom if you want, but once you go there, you can never come back. I will only appear to my creations who are willing to follow me, and I will give them guidance only when they ask me.

Hearing this, many subjects immediately fled to the Lower Kingdom, especially the evil doers who want to escape from the King's punishments. They fight with each other, indulge themselves in their lusts and desires, and the Lower Kingdom soon became a chaos.

Many of them began to suffer in the Lower Kingdom, and they cried out to the King to save them. "Save us, dear King! For we suffer too much!" The King asked them, "So, are you willing to submit to my rulership now?" And they all cried out, "Oh yes, oh yes, King! You are righteous to rule with justice. You punish the evil to protect the good, and yet you are merciful even to the evil doers. Dear King, please heal our land and let us live under your rulership again!"

The King then said to them,

Your land is too corrupted to be healed. If you really want my rulership, make up your mind and make an open confession, then turn away from all your evil thoughts and deeds. However, you must do this before a certain time. After this time, I will bring my subjects who follow me wholeheartedly to a New Kingdom, and then I will destroy this land and bind all the evil doers.

The King did accordingly to what he said, and the Lower Kingdom was destroyed. He then took his subjects who love him and are willing to submit to his rulership to the New Kingdom.

Ever since that time, no one ever thinks about rebelling against the King anymore, and every individual lives happily and peacefully ever after.

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