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Last Temptation of Christ

This message from preacher Kevin Zadai was an eye opener for me. While I used to think that Lord Jesus has already gone through all the trials that a man could take, there is this last one!

We know that Jesus did not give in to fleshly desires (He fasted for 40 days in the desert), He was not tempted by power or wealth, and He kept His faith even under the most severe persecutions. But was He able to do all these without the Father?

It was recorded in the Scriptures that Lord Jesus gave up His spirit on the cross when the Father left Him, after which He descended into Hell. Now it is revealed in preacher Kevin Zadai's dream that Lord Jesus actually went through HIs last and strongest temptations in Hell where demons kept telling Him how His mission had failed and that He had been left alone. Glory to God that Jesus overcame and received His final victory!

While I was thinking about this, a revelation came to me that this trial was necessary because Lord Jesus will be given all authority in Heaven and on Earth, and He has to prove Himself capable of managing this Kingdom independent of the Father! Great is the wisdom of God, and Glory to Him who has given us a King who has overcome all trials! Blessed be the name of the Lord, forever and ever! Amen

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