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How to Make Correct Decisions Everytime?

Simplest Solution

I am often confused when confronted with the necessity to make decisions. Should I choose this option? Or Is that one better? Constant analysis and comparisons can take hours and waste a lot of time. Fortunately, the Bible has already taught us the simplest way to make a decision, and it is recorded in Colossians.

And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts ..... Colossians 3:15

"Ruling" means making the final decision. To rule with the "peace of Christ", means choosing the option that gives us most peace, not money, not approval from other people, nor any other rewards.

I remember a friend shared with us that on a New Year's Eve, she and her husband were waiting for the countdown after dining out in a restaurant. However, after waiting for a while, she suddenly felt very restless. Her husband therefore took her home without waiting for the countdown. Not long after they left, a riot broke out in the street they had just visited, killing and injuring dozens of people. They were fortunate enough to escape by letting the "peace of Christ" rule in their hearts.

Test of Faith

I am sure many people have heard similar stories. It is easy to say, but is it as easy to do? Many times, we find that the option which gives us the "peace of Christ" may mean leaving our hometown, giving up a high-paying job, or doing something we never thought possible. Follow or not, this is the test of our faith!

Our Lord Jesus Christ followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit and gave up everything, including his own life. In the end, God put all the authorities in Heaven and on Earth into His hands! I believe if we trust in God and follow Him, He will surely guide us on the path that is best for us!

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