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How to Save Ourselves From Demonic Influence

Knowingly or unknowingly, many people nowadays seem to be under some form of demonic influence. It may be manifested as a disease in the body, some kind of negative emotions, nightmares, addiction, destructive behaviors and more. What should we do? And how to deal with them?

1. Identify whether You Are Under Demonic Influence

First, we must recognize whether or not we are under some form of demonic attack. The following article lists 12 signs from which we can learn whether or not we are under some kind of demonic influence.

How Do You Know If You Are Under Demonic Attack?

2. Make Declarations to Renounce the Devil

God has given us free will, and it is only OURSELVES who can renounce any demonic influence in our lives. Furthermore, God has given us His Words as weapons against the devil. The following article talks about how to Declare our Authority and to Rebuke the Devil.

Use Our God Given Weapon

3. Receive Jesus As Our Savior

All authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Jesus (Matthew 28:18), and only He can overcome any demonic influence one may be under. So receive Jesus as your Savior and let Him deliver you from any demonic force which has been limiting you.

What Should I Do To Be Saved?

4. Keeping Our Healing and Deliverance

After receiving healing and deliverance, some people could lose it because of their doubt or unbelief of other people. The following article talks about how to keep our faith and therefore our divine healing and freedom from any demonic force.

How to Keep Evil Spirits Out After Deliverance

5. Prevent the Demons From Re-Entering

Finally, the demons always try to re-enter their previous hosts after having been cast out. The following article talks about how to prevent any demon from re-entering a person after deliverance.

Can Demons Re-enter A Person After It Is Cast Out?

As followers of Christ, we are always fighting spiritual battles against the demonic forces. I hope the above can provide some useful information to anyone who feels that he or she may be under some form of demonic attack.

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