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How I Maintain My Weight by Just Following One Bible Principle

Eating is a pleasure, honestly speaking. That is why people often eat even when they are not hungry. Although I have never been really overweight, I did eat more often during the pandemic lockdowns, and have of course gained some weight as a result.

Then one day, I suddenly remembered this following verse:

I have food of which you have no knowledge ..... Jesus said, My food is to do the pleasure of Him who sent me and to make His work complete. John 4:32-34

Can work be used as food? I decided to give it a try. My plan was to shift my attention to do some work every time i want to eat. Since God's will is for us to do all the good works (Hebrews 13:21), I first think of something that I can do for others - finish my job assignments, call a friend, write a blog ..... If there is none, I do something for myself - clean up my desk, read some useful articles, etc.

Make you full of every good work and ready to do all his desires ..... Hebrew 13:21

The result was so amazing! I found out that when I shift my attention to doing some work, I lose my appetite very quickly. Sometimes I don't even want to eat even after I finish my work! I remember one time I was in a hurry to go out so I decided to eat and work at the same time. However, the food does not taste so delicious so I eventually quit eating to finish my work!

I am not sure if this works for everyone, but it surely is a great way to maintain or lose weight! Besides, I also completed a lot of unfinished tasks and feel more productive and happy about myself.

It doesn't cost anything, so please give it a try if this sounds workable for you!

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