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Growth of a Little Boy

Little Sister Was Born!

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. When he was born, his parents were so excited, and he got all the attention from every adult around him! However, two years later, his little sister was born! Not only did she take away his attention, his toys, his candies, his father even told him to take care of his sister!

"Why should I take care of her?" Little boy protested.

"Because she is your sister, and she is weaker than you! You should love her!" Father answered.

But little boy did not understand. He then questioned his father, "Why should I take care of her just because she is my sister? If she is weak, she can make herself stronger! Then she can fight with me and get what she wants!"

Knowing that little boy will not be able to understand, father commanded him,"You do what I tell you! If I ever catch you bullying your little sister again, I will spank you!"

Little boy was angry. "Father is unfair", little boy thought, and he harboured a secret grudge against his father since that time. He hated his sister, and when his father was not watching, he continued to bully her.

Little Boy Met His Love

When little boy became a teenager, he met a pretty girl and was attracted to her. He soon started waiting for her and doing things for her. He thought to himself, "She is so weak, but I do not want to take advantage of her. I just want to protect her."

Little boy continued to take care of her, and became a strong and responsible man. One day he asked the girl to marry him, and she accepted his proposal.

Birth of Twins

Soon after their marriage, they gave birth to a baby boy and a baby girl, and both parents were very joyful at their birth.

When the twins were about three years of age, one day the man saw his little son hitting his sister and taking away her toys. Being very angry, he spanked his son. "Father, you are unfair!" the boy cried and would not speak to his father anymore.

The man was sad. Grandfather, who heard about what had happened, came to comfort his son."Son, I know you love your twins, just like I love you and your younger sister. It is heart breaking for a father to see his children fight."

"Yes, I understand now, father. I am sorry for having been angry with you for so long." They hugged, and it was after such a long time that the man again felt the strong bond between him and his father.

The man then went over to hug his twins.

There was no more strife in his family, only LOVE!

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