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Do We Share Abraham's Blessings?

God's Blessings to His Children

When I first read the following verse and learnt that we have the same blessings as Abraham, I was so excited and eager to find out what Abraham's blessings were. While doing so, I suddenly came to realise that as followers of Christ, not only do we share the blessings of Abraham, but God has given us an even greater blessing than what Abraham has received! I will discuss about this in my next blog "The Greater Blessings!"

So all who put their faith in Christ share the same blessing Abraham received because of his faith. Galatians 3:9

What is "Abraham's Blessings"?

So, what is "Abraham's blessings"? In Genesis 12:1-3, we learnt that God has given the following promises to Abraham:

I will make you into a great nation,

and I will bless you;

I will make your name great,

and you will be a blessing.

I will bless those who bless you,

and whoever curses you I will curse;

and all peoples on earth

will be blessed through you.

Genesis 12:1-3

Do all these promises apply to us? Obviously, not every Christ follower has become a great nation, and not all peoples on earth have been blessed by each one of us. However, there is one verse that applies equally to every real Christian:

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse. Genesis 12:3

This verse reminds me of so many incidents of people being blessed in my life! Some of these incidents were even brought to my attention by non-believers!

I remember a young man whose stomach conditions were brought under control after having been declared "incurable" by doctors, and he suddenly said to me, "I know it is because of you, but don't you be proud of it!"

Another incident happened when I went on a trip with several friends during rainy season. However, the weather changed so beautifully that the rain suddenly stopped as soon as we arrived at the scenic spot, and we could see such beautiful colors in the sky which usually appear only after rain. One of my friends suddenly said to me, "I think it is because of you."

I am not writing about these incidents to boast, but how amazing is it that God's blessings is so great that even non-Christians can clearly see this! Our Almighty God, the King of the Universe blesses those who bless us, and curses those who curse us! What greater blessings can we get?

Actually I am always so grateful when these things happen, but recently the Holy Spirit revealed to me that God has given us even greater blessings in the New Testament. I will discuss about this in my next blog "The Greater Blessings!". Please stay tuned, dear readers! 😊

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