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Babies Live on Love, Not Just Milk!

Little Stray Cat

Haven't been posting Blogs for a few days because a friend found a baby stray cat and asked me to take care of it. Even though little kitten survived for only 3 days, I learnt a valuable lesson that babies LIVE ON LOVE, and NOT JUST MILK!

On the third day since it came to my home, baby kitten woke me up at around 5 am. I thought it was hungry, so I got up to prepare some milk. It drank a few sips and stopped drinking, showing signs of weakness. I immediately searched for a 24-hour emergency veterinarian clinic and made an earliest appointment at around 830am.

Before the appointment, I took care of the little baby in my arms, and it responded occasionally to my touch and my voice. When it is finally the appointment time, I rushed to the clinic. The nurse took it to the emergency room immediately. While I thought it was receiving the most professional medical care, its little heart stopped beating in just about 10 minutes!

I suddenly realized that I was keeping it alive by my LOVE! When it left my arms, little baby gave up its breath! What kept it living was human love and compassion, and not glucose, milk, ventilation machine, or any advanced medical care!

Three Days Could Be a Miracle!

My friend later told me that baby kitten wouldn't even drink water when they found it, so he was happy that it was willing to drink some diluted milk in my home. However, veterinarian's report shows that little kitten's glucose level was so low that it was not even detectable! Apparently, baby's body was not processing any milk it has taken in the past few days! So, how did it survive?

Like a Sleeping Baby

When little kitten rested, it looked so peaceful like a sleeping baby. When I could finally gather myself to take out its little body in the evening, I was surprised to find that the body was still soft. I believe baby kitten rested peacefully, and I trust that my Father in Heaven will take care of it.

I am grateful for these three amazing days with a little angel, and my happy moments with it will be in my sweet memories ...

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