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Who are the Real Israelites?

The word "seed" in the Bible is sometimes interpreted as "descendant", but looking at the context, the word "seed* more often refers to "God's Word*. For example, in the Parable of the Sower, the seed sown in a man’s heart cannot be interpreted as a descendant. It can only be understood as the Word of God.

In fact, in the Gospel of Luke, Lord Jesus clearly stated that the Seed is the Word of God.

Luke 11:8. This is the parable. The seed is the Word of God.

Adam has the Seed ("Word') of God sown in his heart because he was taught directly by God in the Garden of Eden. However, after the Fall, the world became corrupted so quickly that the knowledge of God almost completely vanished. In the time of Noah, the Word of God only existed in the hearts of Noah and his family.

After the Flood, the Devil quickly deceived everyone in the world. According to the Jewish Legends, when Abraham was born, the land has already become so full of idols that no one remembered Jehovah. However, even under such circumstances, Abraham still refused to believe that the gold, silver, wooden, and stone statues made by human hands are gods. Because Abraham sought the true God wholeheartedly, God appeared to him and planted the Seed of God's Word into man's heart again.

Abraham then passed this "Seed" to his sons Isaac and Jacob. After Jacob wrestled with God, God changed his name to Israel and made a covenant with him. All the descendants of Jacob became Israelites, and are all blessed by God.

So, who are considered the descendants of Israel? Answer is, everyone that has the "Seed" from Jacob is his descendant! As the "Seed" refers to God's Word, this means anyone who has the Word of God planted in him is an Israelite! Yes, this includes you and me.

Wasn't Lord Jesus an Israelite? Aren't Peter, Paul, and the other disciples also Israelites? We have all received the seed of God's Word from them, and we have all become descendants of Israel, the blessed people who have a Covenant with God!

Astonished? Consider the following words from our Lord Jesus:

Matthew 12:50. Those who do the will of my heavenly Father are my brothers and sisters and my mother. Matthew 12:50

Still do not believe ? Look at the Old Testament. God's "children" - are "those who keep His covenant, remember His precepts, and do them."

Psalm 103:17-18. The righteousness of the LORD belongs to the children's children. Those who keep his covenant, remember his precepts, and do them.

Also consider the following statement from John. I believe this verse should be translated as follows (my suggestion in parenthesis) :

1 John 1:3. That which we have seen and heard (God's Word) declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship (brotherhood} with us: and truly our fellowship (brotherhood) is with (in) the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.

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