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About Me

I am an author, an artist, and a psychotherapist.

I started to feel the presence of God since a very young age. I communicate with God in my mind, and this experience is so real that I never doubted the existence of God. When I made up my mind to read the Bible from cover to cover after having been invited to church many times, I soon realised that the God in the Bible is the one who has been communicating with me since childhood, and I immediately got baptised. 


After my baptism, God continues to give me revelations, much of which is about Biblical History and the End Times. Around Christmas time in 2021, I was led to write down these experience to share with the public.

We are living in a very special time. Many things are happening in both our physical world and in the spiritual realm. Sadly, most people are not aware of it. I hope that through casual talks and personal sharings, more interests and awareness can be brought to these topics on Christianity, Bible Revelations and Spiritual Development. Time is short .....

My Books

Wisdom of God's Management_ashablog.png

Wisdom of God's Management  

Author: Asha

Published : 2021

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Author: Asha

Published : 2021

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(Selected Essays of a Christian)

Author : Asha

Published : 2021 

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